When you feel like your current agency has nothing more to offer

We will share our know-how with you, provide you with capable managers and colleagues, and let you work with the best clients. At Proficio, you will use all your skills and we will give you a chance to grow into an even better specialist, strategist, or team leader. 

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Rapid growth of know-how

Your skills will quickly improve thanks to your colleagues, boss, and practical experience. You won’t have to repeat what you already know and you’ll deepen your knowledge of various marketing disciplines and their interconnections. 


Top clients from various industries

We won’t hide the best projects from you. From the start, we will involve you in different teams and you will work for companies that you wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to work for. 


Freedom and a healthy atmosphere

You’ll move to a company where it doesn’t matter where and when you work. We have freedom, responsibility, and streamlined processes. We take care of our employees’ well-being.


Career growth

We will help you become one of the best specialists in the Czech Republic. You can profile yourself as a strategist or lead people at our company. You’ll have a big influence on Proficio’s direction.

Wide range and overlaps

What we do at Proficio

We improve website performance, prepare marketing and branding strategies, increase sales of e-shops through PPC campaigns, and manage marketing for dozens of companies using data. We are an organization that covers the entire spectrum of marketing, consulting, and technology. Our outstanding services have landed us partnerships with Google, Facebook, and Seznam.

“I started my career in multi-level marketing, then moved on to a small marketing company, and even an international corporation. For the past 3 years, I have been working in an agency environment.

What fascinates me the most about Proficio is the strategic overlap, which allows us to help clients not only with marketing but essentially any aspect of their business. The expertise of my colleagues is well above the Czech average, and as a result, I know our clients are in good hands. We do our work with enthusiasm.”

Tomáš Hruzík
Team Leader, 5 years in marketing

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How we help our clients

  • "Proficio gives us a performance all-inclusive."

    Ondřej Bumbálek

    Marketing Director, Student Agency

  • "Together we have built a successful marketing strategy."

    Luděk Suchomel

    Marketing Director, YTONG

  • "Thanks to great cooperation we are now playing in the first league"

    Josef Mech and Adam Jurák

    Managing Director and Marketing Director, Sportega

  • "A detailed strategy opens the way to foreign markets."

    Rudolf Janis

    Owner and founder of the company, Sanitino

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