Marketing Strategy

A well set strategy simplifies decision-making and streamlines not only marketing but also business activities. Without it, you don’t know who your potential clients are and how to target them. You aren’t able to see what their wants and needs are, which in turn means you can’t meet them halfway. 

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How we work

How do we define a strategy?

A strategy will help you determine what to build on, which path and methods to choose, what to base it on, and how to do it better than your competitors. How do we get to that?


Research, analysis and data collection

We will get to know you, your company, your competencies, competitive advantages, and weaknesses. We will focus on your customers - both current and potential. We will find out what they are looking for as well as concerns about using your services or products. 


Segmentation and targeting

What customer segments exist, which ones will we choose, and what we can offer based on them. We will select the most profitable parts of the market and start systematically conquering them. 


Positioning and brand

How do we convince target customer segments that you are better than the competition and that they should buy from you? What brand presentation will be recognizable and open up the most opportunities for you? 


Finalization and execution

Together, we will establish OKRs and KPIs. We will create a strategic-tactical plan that will tell us how to achieve the defined goals from the perspective of product, price, distribution, and marketing.


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