Build a strong consulting team with us

Having a strong consulting team brings a lot of opportunities, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of one - whether you work in an agency, as a freelancer, in-house for a client, or are just starting out.

Proficio welcomes newcomers from a range of backgrounds and paths. We invite you to choose your own and explore how a career with us can enrich your professional development.

People in the company you can look forward to


Offices in different cities, including Vienna


Years that we have already successfully completed


Companies within the one, where you can shine


Why Proficio

Arguments, not HR fairy tales



You can work from the office, coffee shop, cottage, or from the beach. Some prefer to work late at night, while others like to work in the early morning. It’s up to you. If you keep your word, maintain quality, and meet deadlines, you will find unlimited freedom at Proficio.



Half of the company’s management began their journey with Proficio in junior positions. Those who didn’t want to reach the top management positions have become focused team members or have become top specialists. We’ve also trained a number of successful freelancers.


Healthy environment

You feel the drive from people, and we have a lot to talk about both during and after work. We work hard, and we’re well taken care of. Laughter can be heard in the hallways, meeting rooms, and during calls. We’re not stressed out while working, and PROFICIO makes sure we’re having a good time. 



Clients rely on our knowledge and advice. We give lectures at important events, share know-how, and connect industries. We have a generous budget for education. If you’re not sure about something, just ask the person sitting next to you or on Slack.

We work to improve website performance, prepare branding strategies, increase sales for e-commerce stores, advise on expansion into foreign markets, and manage the marketing for dozens of companies using data.

Open positions

I’m sure and I want to join Proficio

We have several open positions because there are never enough talented people.