Switch sides, get great colleagues, and a new impulse

If you feel like you’re doing the same thing over and over again, you lack a team of specialists who will move your idea forward, or insight into other industries, switch to Proficio. You will gain access to the best knowledge and creative freedom, and you’re guaranteed secure pay and sophisticated employee care.

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New impulse

You won’t be alone in everything anymore. At Proficio, if you don’t know what to do, you have more than 150 specialists at your fingertips who will advise you, give you feedback, or share news from the industry with you.


Top clients from various industries

You will gain access to clients from e-commerce, manufacturing, logistics, or even local government. You will work for corporations, startups, and municipalities. You will learn to apply your knowledge in different contexts.



The quality of work, deadlines, and agreement with colleagues are important. Otherwise, we don’t care if you work from the office, cottage, or beach in Thailand. You will gain the freedom that others only talk about. 


Career progression

You can profile yourself as a specialist, consultant, or manager. Ambitious people at Proficio get a chance to build their careers - much faster than in other companies where people have to wait for several years to be promoted.

Wide range of services and overlaps

What we do at Proficio

We improve website performance, prepare marketing and branding strategies, increase e-commerce sales through PPC campaigns, and manage the marketing of dozens of companies using data. We are an organization that covers the entire spectrum of marketing, consulting, and technology. Our outstanding services have landed us partnerships with Google, Facebook, and Seznam.

“At Proficio, I have access to a variety of interesting projects across different industries. Often, these projects involve solving complex problems. There’s no risk of falling into a routine, and I’m constantly learning new things. Additionally, I have control over my time, so I can tailor my work to fit my needs. This is a big plus for me right now, as I’m on parental leave.”

Barbora Dlouhá
Head of Programmatic Buying, 3 years in-house at OKAY electro

Our references

How we help clients

  • "Our performance all-inclusive is provided by Proficio."

    Ondřej Bumbálek

    Marketing Director, Student Agency

  • "Together we have built a successful marketing strategy."

    Luděk Suchomel

    Marketing Director, YTONG

  • "Thanks to great cooperation we are now playing in the first league"

    Josef Mech and Adam Jurák

    Managing Director and Marketing Director, Sportega

  • "A detailed strategy opens the way to foreign markets."

    Rudolf Janis

    Owner and founder of the company, Sanitino

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