Higher traffic and new leads for Ytong

Ytong is quite a standout In the XELLA product range. Unfortunately for a lot of the wrong reasons. It is known as a white block for perimeter walls and a handy partition for interiors among the target group. Yet it offers so much more! And we needed to convince the Czech and Austrian builders that they needed to take their shot with Ytong. Quite the challenge that we had to overcome!

First, let’s take a small detour… into Austria!

Two countries, two building plans

In Austria, houses made of Ytong are not built as often as they are in Czechia. That’s why we first had to attract the attention and interest of the potential customers. How did we manage to beat the plan 5 times in terms of acquiring contacts? We’ve compiled the process and results into a separate case study for you.

How we succeeded in Austria

The challenge

Ytong for sure is popular in the Czech republic, but our goal was to let everyone know that it’s not just a simple block but a comprehensive building system that offers many benefits. In addition, it comes with a free service package to facilitate the whole building process.

Our approach

Starting with the project

The goals the client came to us with included increasing leads and website traffic with the most important conversion being the “I want the best deal” form. 

From the first glance the form gave quite the overwhelming impression with too much commitment needed from the customer. Getting more people to fill out and submit the form was a real challenge and a hurdle to overcome. 

We set the goal rather conservatively in the first year, as we aimed to increase the number of visitors and the number of leads sent. We set out to increase traffic by at least 20% and the number of leads by at least 30%.

soc network desktop

The path to achieving the set targets

In order to meet the client’s goals, it was our job to:

  • To set up Google Analytics and campaign tracking correctly.
  • Run PPC campaigns in search.
  • Start with targeted display and video advertising to promote the brand.
  • Develop social media and content.
  • Prepare a quality landing page for a new product launch and start collecting leads.
  • Develop a precise remarketing strategy to cover the entire funnel.

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Do you also need to prepare a marketing strategy? We can handle everything from reformatting, to creative, to clear evaluation and reporting. Just get in touch.

I want to discuss my strategy

The results

The numbers grew like a Ytong house

Although we struggled in the early days with the more complex approval process typical of large corporations, the positive results were evident very early on. The chosen strategy was a success, and we significantly exceeded the targets set according to the previous year-on-year development.

Real year-on-year increase in demand

+ 34%

Web traffic

+ 30,3%

Growth in form submissions could not be evaluated due to previous poor GA setup, so we focused on other metrics. 

The real increase in enquiries was 34% and we increased traffic by 30.3% year-on-year.

We mapped out the customer decision-making process. We’ve mapped out the right sites and audiences to target with campaigns, the appropriate length of remarketing and the ideal content to serve to users during each buying phase. 

Dominik Neckař

Dominik Neckar

Partner, Proficio

We used all programmatic and direct purchase options to cover the funnel.

We also took some interesting insights into customer behavior and seasonality to the next installment. As a result, we were able to better target the period when the builders’ decision-making process begins in the following years. To this day, we are still taking full advantage of this and evaluating our marketing budget. 

We continue to build

“Our goal for the future is to continue the well-established trend while focusing more on leveraging relevant content, which we feel has great potential,” adds Dominik.

ytong web laptop

A different situation across the border

In Austria, we have also managed to increase the number of leads and interest in building from Ytong. However, due to the different starting conditions, we have to conduct our strategy differently than in the Czech Republic. How? You can find out in the case study about the Ytong campaign in our Austrian neighbours.

Compare with the campaign in Austria