Building solid foundations for Ytong in Austria

The building material manufacturer Ytong came to us with a straightforward brief: they wanted more houses to be built with Ytong. And not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Austria. But how to achieve this when the brand situation in both countries is significantly different?

  • In the Czech Republic, the general population is familiar with the yellow Ytong logo and almost everyone associates it with a material that you can build a house with.

Based on workshops conducted with the client and market research we found out that in Austria, the situation is completely different

  • Austrian customers prefer traditional bricks and wood for rough construction. Even though Ytong offers many advantages, aerated concrete blocks are perceived more as a material for interiors.

Different process for each country

How did we approach this? For the Czech Republic and Austria, we had to choose different communication tactics based on common ground – the advantages of Ytong and its quality as a building material

In the Czech Republic, we set out to increase the perception of Ytong as a complete building system for the whole house with convenient accompanying services. Thanks to a sophisticated strategy, we were able to increase the number of enquiries and website traffic by a third year-on-year. Details can be found in our case study.

How we succeeded in the Czech Rep

Although Ytong is more expensive than traditional bricks, it is often more cost-effective for the customer due to its faster construction speed, easier handling and lower material consumption. That’s why we chose the slogan “I build smart” for communication and “Ich bau schlau” in German.

Build smart. And for free!

As Ytong is not such a well-known material in Austria, we needed to attract enough attention. How to achieve this? Together with the client, we decided to organise a consumer competition.

The aim of the competition was to get new leads and to get prospective builders to price their project.

All they had to do was sign up.

The grand prize winner was going to get free Ytong building materials for their entire house



First, we created a contest landing page with a registration form. Our UX team made sure that the landing page was responsive and easy to understand for users. 

The result? Multiple times above expectations!

After the contest ended, we waited a month and then evaluated the campaign itself. 

The resulting number of leads received exceeded the original goal by more than 5 times and clearly exceeded the client’s expectations.

Our set plan

200 leads

After the contest evaluation

1 000 leads

More gained leads thanks to the contest


Our contest generated more than 1,000 leads who sent in their leads and had their construction project priced by Ytong. 

This ultimately had a very positive impact on the increase in sales of Ytong building materials.

We continue to build on brand building

We continue with our long-term branding campaigns. At the same time, we are developing a content section on the website that will detail the benefits of Ytong and introduce them to the public. 

The competition was intense and the results exceeded the targets. However, together with the client, we realize that communication cannot stop at a one-off event.

Oliver Kubička

Oliver Kubicka


The newly created content will be used not only on the blog, but also in other marketing communications via social media or emailing.

Czechs on the yellow wave

In the Czech Republic, Ytong has a better position in that it is well-known among people and popular with builders. 

How did we manage to increase the number of enquiries and traffic to the Czech website by another third? Find out in our case study on online marketing for Ytong in the Czech Republic. 

Check out the results