Stefan Drah

With 14 years of experience in marketing agencies, my focus is on holistic online marketing strategies using the latest business intelligence tools, always with the aim of achieving the best possible increase in efficiency and sales.

Google Gemini and SGE – current Predictions on the Impact of AI on SEA and SEO

With Gemini, a new multimodal language model, Google made a huge step forward in the AI battle against Microsoft’s ChatGPT. And Google immediately made it clear that Gemini will be integrated into Bard and the SGE results. Even though the exact effects are difficult to predict at the moment, it is already obvious that a big change to the search engine results page (SERP) as we have known it, is imminent. And it will be the most significant of any Google update to date.

Stefan Drah 11. 12. 2023 Marketing strategy, SEO