What do people think? Fast feedback thanks to Surveys 360

Traditional forms of consumer surveys are often problematic; marketers don’t have the time or money to research consumers’ behavior. Surveys 360 helps create online surveys, through which you get opinions of real people all around the world quickly and reliably.


Surveys 360
Surveys 360

Traditional forms of consumer surveys are often problematic; marketers don’t have the time or money to research consumers’ behavior. Surveys 360 helps create online surveys, through which you get opinions of real people all around the world quickly and reliably.

Whether you want to test creatives, brand awareness, or reactions to a recent event, customers’ ideas are irreplaceable. Unfortunately, consumers’ desires, views, and attitudes, which are very important in purchasing decisions, cannot be found in analytic data.

That’s why Google came up with a new tool for market research – Surveys 360, which is a part of Google Marketing Platform.

What Surveys 360 can do

  • provides a quick answer in days, not weeks or months;
  • allows easy setup in just a few minutes;
  • performs automatic results analysis in a user-friendly interface;
  • offers reliability, a reach of 10M+ users per week on the website, a reach of 5M+ active users on app panels, representative samples;
  • offers advanced targeting options (by zip code, remarketing audience);
  • allows sharing surveys with other members of the team.

How does Surveys 360 work?

Surveys 360 offers three panels of respondents:

  1. Internet users who read content on websites of publishers who have entered into the Google Opinion Rewards for Publishers agreement.
  2. App users who have subscribed to ads for reward in the net of app publishers Google Admob.
  3. Smartphone users who have downloaded and registered in the app for Android called Google Opinion Rewards.

Those respondents are shown surveys on websites or in mobile apps. By answering the questions, the respondents gain access to paid content or Google Play credit. The tool automatically aggregates and analyzes responses and provides data in a simple online interface. 

What types of questions can be used?

Surveys 360 allows for several types of questions:

  • with one or more answers
  • open-ended questions
  • various rating scales
  • questions with one or more pictures
  • or you can show a video to your respondents and ask their opinion.

The survey can contain up to ten questions including up to 4 screening questions. Surveys with screening questions require a minimum purchase of one hundred answers.

Screening questions allow for the filtering of respondents, therefore more accurately targeting a particular audience. Respondents are first shown a question, and only those who choose the threshold value (“Yes”, “I do plan to”) can answer the remaining questions.

How much does it cost?

In Surveys 360, the price is determined based on price per completed response principle, where the respondent’s answer is only considered completed if they answered all of the questions in the survey.

The price starts at $0.10 and can vary depending on:

  1. the audience you want to reach 
    • general population or Android smartphones users
    • targeted age, gender, or location
    • advanced geo-targeting based on zip code
    • remarketing audiences
  2. the number of questions (1 or 2 up to 10).

If the survey contains screening questions, the price is set individually and is based on an audience test. Prices of surveys with screening questions start at three dollars and vary depending on survey length, target audience, and incidence rate.

Incidence rate and audience test

The incidence rate gives an estimate of the size of the available audience after passing the screening questions. The more screening questions you include in the survey, the lower the incidence rate will be. To secure a large enough target audience and valid data, a minimum incidence rate of five percent is required.

For every survey containing a screening question, a short audience test is run to ensure that the incidence rate will be higher than the required minimum. The test can take up to 24 hours and no fees are charged for it.

Language is important

Surveys 360 doesn’t offer translation services. Surveys are not automatically translated, so they need to be written in a language they target.

In selected countries, you can choose language targeting. Your surveys can be shown to any user who has decided to accept surveys in that language. If, for example, you decide to use Spanish in the USA, the survey will be shown to respondents in the USA who subscribed to surveys in Spanish, but also those who subscribed to them, for example, in Spanish and English.

Caution! Invalid answer

Surveys 360 have established a control system that prevents fraudulent responses. Negligent or fraudulent answers are removed from the survey. Includes:

  • detection of fast clicking;
  • elimination of answers from respondents who always choose the first answer;
  • identification of irrelevant responses based on a random question with only one right answer.

In which countries is it available?

The Survey 360 tool is directly available in the USA and Canada. In Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and North America, it’s possible to use the tool through a verified Google Partner or reseller. The full list of countries can be found here.

Where do I get more info?

Google Surveys Policies here

Google has established program policies regarding content, sensitive data, sensitive demography, sensitive topics, adult material, push-polling and promotion, political surveys, health condition, and remarketing. Non-compliance with those policies can lead to suspension of your Surveys 360 account.

Surveys editorial policies here

Google has also established editorial policies regarding text relevance, grammar, and supported languages.

What to keep in mind when creating surveys here

Google has compiled a list of common mistakes that marketers often make when creating surveys.

24. 05. 2022