Case Study: Konica Minolta – effective targeting leads to the desired goal

Konica Minolta launched its new Workplace Hub platform in autumn 2018. The campaign for this technology included online support and lead generation. Check out the results of our extensive campaign for our client.


Case Study Konica Minolta
Case Study Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta launched its new Workplace Hub platform in autumn 2018. The campaign for this technology included online support and lead generation. Check out the results of our extensive campaign for our client.

Pave the way for the customer

In order to achieve the maximum number of leads, we needed to set up the most precise targeting to a large enough audience. In this way, we were able to attract a large number of potential customers, who were led to a simple contact form by a persuasive landing page. Then, the customers might use it to reach a Konica Minolta sales representative. 

Channel choices, or where to reach the audience?

We knew that we would find the broadest audiences to reach in Google’s ad network, (a Czech web browser and search engine) and Adform’s RTB platform. The volume of relevant searches and suitable keywords for PPC advertising was not significant; however, we did not want to miss customers here either. In addition, it was to be expected that the search volume would grow immediately after launching the campaign. 

The format of sponsored LinkedIn messages was our backup, and we reached out to a suitable database via email. The initial outreach was followed by remarketing, where we chose more persuasive communication and rotated several different formats to increase keen interest. 


After launching the campaigns, we gradually optimized and shifted budgets to the best formats and targeting to ensure the highest ratio of engaged visitors who viewed most of the information on the landing page. 

We looked in detail at visitors’ behaviour on the landing page and made some significant adjustments: 

  • Adding a new contact form to get a phone number; 
  • Editing the wording of individual fields; 
  • Testing de-texting the fields to reduce the site size; and 
  • Removing the industry and company size from the form. 

These modifications helped us to increase the conversion rate on the site. 

Targeting that worked best

We focused on both the specific areas of interest (business and financial services, advertising and marketing, corporate events, business-to-business (B2B) customers, and business technology) and the selected job roles (director + higher education, executive director + higher education).

The following list provides an overview of the results for each channel:

  • Facebook – Lookalike audience (75% scroll sites) 
  • RTB – Data from Seznam focused on B2B markets and a mobile interscroller format targeting data from R2b2 Business 
  • RTB – For the scroll goal, 75% of the best results were achieved by targeting selected management and IT websites 
  • Ads – Responsive adverts focusing on custom audiences divided by interests in IT and business websites, buying business services and technology 
  • Sklik – Responsive adverts targeting business and finance interests as well as finance-related topics 

Campaign in detailed numbers

After six intense weeks of running display campaigns in interesting formats with more than 1,000,000 views per week, the brand campaign and awareness building were switched to a significantly higher performance mode. 

Only the most efficient formats and media that worked best in terms of cost per lead were continued to run. In addition, the professional network LinkedIn was included in the campaign.

The results of each channel, including targeting, are shown in clear infographics.


  • Leading positions in relevant jobs/​verticals
  • SMB owners, IT managers and technology pioneers 
  • Business administrators of Facebook sites with B2B potential
  • Audience ​“lookalike” – Created based on the previous visitors to our microsite 
  • Remarketing – Previous visitors who did not fill out the form

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  • Relevant B2B segment and small businesses 
  • Website targeting with a focus on managers and IT specialists
  • Leading positions in relevant jobs 
  • Remarketing of previous visitors who did not fill in the form and scrolled/​read more than 75% of the information on the landing page 


  • a czech advertising platform operated by
  • Interest in purchasing IT services and hardware/​software 
  • Interest in business, finance and B2B services 
  • Targeted keywords including IT services and business information system 
  • Topics focused on finance, business, hardware, and software 


  • Custom intent audience – audience interested in business and IT 
  • Custom affinity audience – audience from IT and business sites, visitors to competitors’ sites 
  • Topics focused on finance, business, and marketing 
  • Interest in purchasing business, financial and marketing services

Creativity that captivates

Effective and engaging creativity is the foundation of any successful campaign. Ours was launched with both playful copy and the graphic concept of advertising banners. You can see the result for yourself. 



  • Brand keywords – Konica Minolta and Workplacehub 
  • Non-brand keywords – corporate cloud and server, IT administration and services, IT network management, business information system




Leading positions in relevant jobs/​verticals. 


  • Total of 5,030 email contacts in the entire database 
  • The database was divided into 14 segments 
  • After cleaning the database, only 3,319 valid contacts 
  • Average open rate 20% and click rate 2%
  • Despite adjustments and personalization, the result was ineffective, so we decided not to proceed further

Please reach out to us

We can create an effectively managed campaign, tailored for you and your needs. If you are interested in reaching a relevant audience, please do not hesitate to contact us. Together we will find the perfect way to help your business grow.


26. 11. 2021