5 Must-Have Competencies for Proficio

Proficio is constantly growing. That’s why we are often looking for reinforcements for many different types of positions. Each of these roles requires the validation of specific competencies. At the same time, there is also “something” that all our people should have in common. Something every potential candidate who is serious about working for us should have. Proficia DNA.

Proficio team
Proficio team

1. Gate-keeping and proactivity

We are not fond of stalling and waiting things out. We make stuff happen. The pace of work is very brisk and everyone who is with us has to take that into account. Everything happens quickly, we have a fairly flat structure and we are able to make even major decisions in a fairly short time. 


This kind of environment is perfect for people who also have a lot of internal energy, want to move things forward and can roll up their sleeves and work hard. 

Is that you?

Those who have a good idea are very likely to be given the space to implement it if they can demonstrate its benefits.

Likewise, it’s pretty much up to you how quickly you will grow and get on to more interesting projects and tasks. If a person has the passion, we definitely support them. At the same time, promotion is not linked to seniority. If you have the drive, you can grow up in a relatively short time and quickly get to the most interesting things we have here. 

Tah na bránu
Tah na bránu

Anyway, it’s up to you how fast you grow up and get to more interesting projects and tasks. When we see passion, we definitely encourage it, and promotions in our company are not linked to seniority. Someone who drives like a buzz saw can grow up in a relatively short period of time and quickly get to the most interesting things we have here.

2. Teamwork

Now you may think we are looking for super-performing individuals who play hardball to achieve their goals. Ambition for sure is great, but ego without boundaries doesn’t work well.

Almost every company today is looking for team players, but sometimes they forget to mention what that actually means for them.

We want teams made up of people who understand the importance of team goals and how to achieve them effectively.

It’s impossible for one soloist to ruin everyone’s efforts.

At Proficio, we support each other. We help when someone’s not keeping up. We share the latest trends and tips on how to do work even better. And we do it all automatically, without having to prompt anyone. Our people actively offer their help if they have a little spare time. They help newcomers through the adaptation process, pull together with colleagues from other teams and don’t talk behind their backs. 

Even an experienced colleague can help with more basic work when needed. In short, we try to create an environment where not just one person is comfortable, but everyone is. 

3. The client always comes first

A pro-client approach is essential and we can’t do anything without it in our industry. Everyone needs to understand that the client is paying us for top quality work and expects results. The fact that we have a lot to do and it’s not always easy, he won’t be completely interested. That’s why we try to promote professionalism with everything. 


We respond quickly, we try to find solutions, we behave politely and we know what to say and how to deliver it. We want our colleagues to understand that we are building long-term partnerships with our clients. It’s not just about finishing the job and checking it off on the to-do list.

Most of our clients have been with us for many years and we want to keep it that way.

Will you be there?

4. Learning and Development

Today’s time sure is fast. And it’s only going to get faster. As a company, we need to respond to this. That’s why we’re looking for people who understand that we can’t survive without continuous development. AI, mastering the latest tools, but also having a detailed understanding of ever-changing industries is something we need to constantly work on. 

That’s why at our company, we create an environment of learning – where concrete learning materials are available and where education takes place primarily through real work and interesting and challenging tasks. 


We’re happy to give you advice on how to learn and how to structure the training. But the main thing, the inner passion, has to come directly from the individual. We can motivate you to learn, but if you don’t have the desire to do so, you can’t expect to make full progress.

5. Responsibility and trust

At Proficio, we offer great freedom and flexibility. We don’t care where and when you work. With us, you can organise things your way and be the real master of your time. But it’s always a tit for tat and this freedom must be combined with responsibility and trust. 

In practice, this means that if you say you’ll deliver something, we can count on it. Because you know that deadlines are binding. You’re relied on and you understand that sometimes you need to work hard, rearrange your calendar a little and deliver what’s expected of you.

31. 10. 2023