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First Impression Is Crucial - Almost 40% of Companies Do Not Send Welcome Emails

Welcome email series for newly registered contacts are often greatly underestimated. At the same time, they are very easy to set up and can make you a lot of money.

Welcome email series for newly registered contacts are often greatly underestimated. At the same time, they are very easy to set up and can make you a lot of money.

Stand out from the competition. A survey from 2018 showed that only 57.7% of brands send welcome emails (as of older research from 2013 this number was only 39%).

At the same time, 74% of users expect to receive a welcome email immediately after registering for the newsletter. Customers who receive a welcome email show one-third higher involvement.

Welcome emails alone can also generate up to 320% more profit for you compared to traditional promotional emails.

Attention Is The Most Valuable Commodity in Marketing 

Utilize the fact that you still have the attention of new customers. Send the email automatically as soon as the contact passes through the double opt-in (email address verification). Deliver the reward promised for newsletter subscription (discount, e-book, gift, etc.), present your story and praise the newly registered for being proactive.

Show your new contacts what they are specifically interested in - this is the best time to segment the audience. This will increase the delivery rate of future mails. Nobody wants to read emails they are not interested in. With the right segments, chances are more likely for your contacts to listen to what you want to tell them, and in the future automated mails will make it much easier for you. Do people want to follow you on social networks as well? Mention it in your welcome series, and be sure to keep up with them.

It’s Like In a Relationship - Communication Is The Key! 

Show that you care about all of the customers. Ask your contacts for their birthday, and then send a celebratory email at the right time. You can do the same at their name day. Offer them a discount on your products or a small gift in the next purchase.

Track the involvement of your contacts. If someone registered a year ago and hasn’t clicked on any email since then, they probably won’t change their minds out of nowhere and purchase from you (reactivation emails come into action now, but we’ll talk about that later). Most customers are most active at the beginning, when they show interest in subscribing for the newsletter. Use it to your advantage!

Quantity Does Not Exceed Quality

Be aware whether new customers really want to sign up for your newsletter. Aren’t you making this decision for your customers? Send double opt-ins to those who made a purchase from your website. Having (ten) thousands of inactive contacts does not increase conversions. A quality database of email contacts is priceless.

Make signing-up simpler. Often, users accidentally change letters or mis-type the domain name when filling in the address. Then they may be waiting for a welcome series that isn’t coming. But most people will first think that the mistake is definitely at your side, not theirs. Work with tools that allow you to validate email addresses to prevent this scenario - such as Mailocator or Foxentry.

How many emails should be sent in a series? That’s up to you and your company. But keep in mind that it’s good to have something to say in every email.


  • Set the double opt-in correctly
  • Thank the contacts for registering
  • Introduce them to the story of the brand
  • Set mutual expectations and ask them what they are interested in
  • Stay in touch with them (through other channels)
24. 09. 2021